Millennials and Money

If you have a child in college or living outside the house then you have had this conversation… “Are you coming home from college this weekend?  Yes, can I have gas money?”  Is it just me or does that sound like extortion?  “How bad do you want to see me this weekend?  It’s going to […]

DARE you to never say this ONE word in your prayers again…

Which word do you think is used most in our prayers?   Jesus, God, please, help, or me? Nope. Listen next time. Listen to others pray. Listen to yourself pray. When you hear it will become so obvious. It will become so distracting. Once you recognize it this one word will start to drive you crazy. […]

Millennials: Why They Arent In Church

Time once was, in the not too distant past, that you would be shunned for appearing in public on Sunday morning in anything less than your best “go to meeting” clothes and seen anyplace other than your neighborhood church at the end of a tree lined street.  But in less than a generation, churches, synagogues, […]

Two fires and the smell of my sin

It was a chilly night. People were gathered around a charcoal fire on the ground. There was only silence from those gathered about watching the embers glow. The sparks flying like shooting stars into the dark sky. Then a lowly servant girl turned to Peter and broke the silence, “You also are not one of […]

Millennials: The Hook Up Generation?

It’s that time of year once again. When day becomes longer than night. When brown becomes green. When what’s dead becomes alive. When we open long shuttered windows. When there is love in the air. It is Spring! For the younger among us that means Spring Break; the end of a school year; the hope […]

Millennials: Why do they cut?

It is so easy to ignore at first when you see it.  You may see fresh scars on their arm and think they scratched themselves accidentally.  You may see healed scars and think it’s a birthmark.  But if only you could see their heart.  That is where the true cuts are still fresh and the […]