Drew Dickens                                   

Drew led the international evangelism response ministry of Need Him Global for nearly 19 years from its launch to world wide influence. It was established in 1996 to establish a safe place to engage millions of individuals worldwide in authentic live conversations about Jesus Christ through innovative media and progressive response opportunities.

Drew’s position as CEO of a global ministry; his academic focus on leadership; his national board experience with several organizations; his humor; his story telling; and his emotional heart-felt passion to see the world fall in love with Jesus make Drew uniquely qualified to speak to areas of creative leadership, technology innovation, impact of new media, and the spiritual state of the next Mosaic and Millennial generations.

Sample speaking topics:

  • “3 Reasons Why There Are No Millennials In Our Churches”
  • “The Secret Language of Teens on Instagram”
  • “Top 5 Questions the Hardest to Reach Generation Has for God”
  • “The Importance of Collaboration In the New Sharing Economy”
  • “Awakening Digital Relationships: How Mosaics Engage with God”

Drew is a visionary in our time and one of the most Kingdom minded people I know with a passion to engage and respond to those seeking Christ from all over the world.” Campus Crusade for Christ, International

 Drew is always on the leading edge of leveraging missions and technology in responding to millions of people about beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ.Luis Palau Association

 Drew brings practical but highly informed insight into how to reach this newest generation. He walks a tight rope as both a digital immigrant but is perceived as a digital native! We love Drew’s perspective on proven successes in traditional media while pointing towards his belief and commitment to innovation on new media platforms.” SocialEcclesia Conference

Drew is a powerful communicator and his heart for the mosaic and millennial generation is unmatched. No one has such experience in speaking and praying into this hardest to reach demographic.National Presidents Gathering

 Drew was the personal favorite speaker as he communicated so effectively and had such a creative way of presenting. His was the most practical and applicable discussion on collaboration and social media. Great ideas! Next Generation Alliance: ReFuel Conference.

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