Eager To Do Good

Divine Appreciation: Embracing Unseen Acts of Goodness This is a devotional guide to “Eagerness To Do Good” in God’s eyes. It explores the biblical basis, seeks sole recognition from God, endures suffering for righteousness’ sake, and finds hope and identity in Christ. Overview of Devotion to Being Eager to Do Good in the Eyes of […]

Enhancing Athletic Performance: The Power of Christian Meditation in Barcelona World League Soccer

This article explores how integrating Christian meditation practices in team sports, specifically in Barcelona World League Soccer, can enhance athletes’ mental resilience, focus, and emotional well-being, highlighting the benefits, testimonies from Christian athletes, and recommendations for coaches and sports psychologists. Introduction to Christian Meditation in Team SportsChristian meditation practices are not only beneficial for athletes […]

Stillness in the Spirit: Embracing Christian Meditation in Modern Life

Understanding the roots and practices of Christian meditation, a time-honored spiritual practice rooted in early Christian monasticism, aimed at fostering a personal relationship with God through prayerful reflection and silence. Introduction to Christian Meditation Christian meditation beckons the faithful into a serene and profound journey toward divine intimacy, a practice steeped in the rich traditions […]

From My Heart

I adore asking people how I can pray for them. I am horrible at asking people to pray for me. Ergo, very few knew I have been in cardiac ICU for the last ten days. Please forgive me. But rather than being upset at me, take it out by getting tested for something.  Two weeks […]

Kintsugi…embracing damage.

Not too long ago, at my favorite new coffee shop, I was sitting across from a couple engaged in a rather animated conversation when one of them dropped their black ceramic coffee mug.  Dunn Bros coffee mugs are sturdy vessels that feel weighty and present in your hand. The mug hit the tile floor, not […]

The Christian Tradition of Meditation

Is meditation biblical?   Is there a Christian tradition of meditation? It is a rightful concern that many types of beliefs enter our everyday life, and, if we aren’t in tune with God and His Word, we could easily allow spiritual things that are not of God to enter into our thinking.  These are important […]