What is divine tension?

“Divine” is anything addressed or devoted to God.

“Tension” is the act of stretching. When we stretch and deform an elastic object like a rubber band from its original shape it stores energy. When it’s released the object returns to its natural shape. In scripture we are called constantly to stretch, deform, think, meditate, seek, grow, and become. It’s never promised to be easy. We grow under tension. We grow as we get stretched.

So “divine tension” is the energy that He creates in us as He stretches us in prayer, study, and worship away from our naturally messed up state. I constantly mistake my “original shape without tension” as where I am meant to be but its not. My natural state at rest is pretty messed up. As He draws me to Him I get stretched away from my brokenness and feel tension. Tension hurts…but its divine.

This blog is about exploring that tension. Discovering how we can all walk that tension bridge between Christ and Culture and back again.”