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Trevor Moran





IF YOU DON’T KNOW who Trevor Michael Moran is…Trevor is 16, from California, and lives at home with his parents. At the age of 10 Trevor walked into an Apple Store. He activated the camera on a Mac and begin recording a video of himself dancing to a popular song. He recorded several more. They have been seen millions of times on YouTube. In 2012, he started his own YouTube channel known as Our2ndLife (O2L), which hit 2.6 million subscribers and has had 330 million page views. He has gone on to release several songs recorded at home on YouTube that have debuted on the Electronic Dance Digital Song Billboard chart. His most recent song was jut released.

Why is he important? He represents a generation that is confident, optimistic, and upbeat. They are also the largest generation in our nation’s history. So goes Trevor’s generation, so goes our nation. More so than being influenced by logic, science, and reason of their older siblings, Trevor’s generation has an unquenchable desire for stimulating experience. They are also deeply spiritual. If you have a “Trevor” in your home…don’t lecture…share experiences. They are also media hogs and spend more than 8 hours a day consuming and creating media content. They are also in constant search for new means of self-expression through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Snap Chat, etc. Thus Trevor’s “Apple store video.”

IF YOU DO KNOW who is Trevor Moran is…then I want you to know you live in an amazing time. I know you are nervous about your future. I know you believe you are likely going to succeed but right now you have this consuming fear you are unprepared for your future. You are facing more life stress and having to mature faster than any other generation before you. I know you consider yourself “spiritual” but its not enough. You need more than a sermon and attending Sunday school. You need close friends. You need experience. You need something transparent and real.

In the lyrics to Trevor’s new song “Echo” he says…”You and I, we were on to something. Now I’m left with nothing at all and I wanna hear your echo. Got to be the name you call.”

Keep searching. Keep pushing. Keep experiencing. Keep expressing. But be careful in what you are searching for. The experiences and people you encounter in the world are fleeting and you will often feel “left with nothing at all.” Find a few close friends that will be open, honest, transparent, and real with you. And as you pursue spiritual truth, seek also for the one Friend that will never leave or forget you. Jesus desires to walk with you and share experiences that wont leave you feeling nothing, but will leave your life transformed.  Place your life before God’s and He will transform you.  Read the books of 1 and 2 Timothy in the Bible.  Timothy was about your age when he began searching after truth too.

Dear Trevor, I know you must be nervous but be strong. I am so excited to watch what God will do through your generation. The world will never be the same!

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